Health and social care services

Our range of health and social care services continues to expand year on year. Working in partnership with commissioners, employers and health and social care stakeholders, we provide a variety of high-quality services. Our specialist care and nursing support for people with complex conditions enables them to live at home and stay out of hospital while our innovative health and wellbeing services result in long-term health benefits.

We care passionately about people and their health and all our interactions display the encouragement and positivity needed to support the challenges associated with sustained behaviour change. We believe digital technology is key to delivering innovative health solutions; our pioneering new services are improving accessibility, affordability and effectiveness of psychological therapies and we offer the UK’s first specialist remote reporting bureau of British and European accredited echocardiographers.

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ICS Assessment Services

ICS Assessment Services is one of the largest commissioned providers of managed social work services in the UK. We work in partnership with local authorities and health trusts, and have 200 qualified staff delivering assessment and review. Our high-quality statutory services within adults and children's services covers DoLS, Care Reviews and CIN, CP & LAC cases across 30+ organisations.

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ICS Diagnostics

ICS Diagnostics is the UK’s first specialist reporting bureau of British and European accredited echocardiographers. Our pioneering clinical support service is designed to increase efficiency and quality across the echocardiography industry. We provide hospitals and clinics with access to specialist clinical staffing network through a range of innovative onsite and remote diagnostic services.

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ICS Digital Therapies

ICS Digital Therapies

ICS Digital Therapies is a pioneering new service improving the accessibility, affordability and effectiveness of psychological therapies within IAPT. Through our extensive network of qualified therapists, we provide a broad range of digitally-enabled brief therapies at both step 2 and step 3 that can be accessed securely from a computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere, at any time of the day.

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ICS Health & Wellbeing

ICS Health & Wellbeing is a dynamic and accomplished organisation dedicated to making the UK’s local and workplace communities healthier. Working with local authorities, CCGs, NHS England and employers, we design, implement and evaluate innovative health and wellbeing services that will result in long-term health benefits through sustained behaviour change.

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ICS Insourcing

ICS Insourcing

ICS Insourcing provides best in class waiting list management solutions to NHS Trusts. Our elective care services are aimed at helping trusts to recover their RTT position so that they can improve aggregate and specialty level performance. In addition to RTT recovery solutions, we also provide ongoing elective and diagnostic capacity as well as 2-week suspected cancer outpatient capacity.

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Pulse Nursing at Home

Pulse Nursing at Home

Pulse Nursing at Home provides compassionate nursing for clients requiring one-to-one care at home, no matter how complex. We provide short or long-term homecare to paediatric, adult, elderly, overseas, VIP and post-operative clients. Provided by our highly skilled nurses and carers, our professional service is tailored to each client to ensure they live as independently as possible.

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Thornbury Community Services

Thornbury Community Services

Working with private clients, CCGs, local authorities and case managers, Thornbury provides bespoke, nurse-led adult and paediatric complex care packages. With our skilled team of exceptional nurses and care staff, we can be trusted to provide the best care either at home or in the community. We strive to make a positive difference to our client’s lives and this sets us apart from other care providers.

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