COVID-19 workplace risk assessments

Making employees and customers feel safe

Ensuring employee’s safety as they return to work, is a key priority for businesses across the UK. Performing a workplace risk assessment that affects both employees and customers can be a challenge but is essential. While you focus on keeping your business thriving, let us take care of workplace risk assessments. We have a team of specialist nurses and health and safety experts, trained in performing workplace risk assessments and fully engaged with government guidelines on coronavirus. 


Our specialist nurses give guidance on:

  • Mapping out social distancing plans and guides around the workplace
  • Changing and adapting office environments
  • Sourcing suitable PPE
  • Training staff on social distancing measures
  • Training staff on hand hygiene
  • Preparing communications for staff and customers
  • Identifying employees who may be high-risk
  • Supporting staff who are working from home
  • and much more!


If you would like more information on how we can support you and your employees to get back to work safely, please get in touch:

Andy Tibbs
Business Development Director - Specialist Staffing
Tel: 07790 909753